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Offering Professional Soffit Installation Services in the Evansville, IN Area

Soffits are a popular home improvement addition for residences all around the world. They elevate the aesthetic of almost every building and can protect your roof and rafters from various elements (e.g: snow and wind). However, it can still be a bit tricky finding a reputable company to provide quality soffit installation and replacement services. That’s why our contracting experts at Bill Morgan are on the call. We work with a wide variety of soffit construction materials, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, and so much more. We work right out of the Evansville, IN area, and arrive prepared with everything needed to get the job done.

For over 16 years, our expert contractors have been providing quality services in and around our community. During that time, our skills have only become more varied and honed to the point where we have the tools and experience to take on almost any job. This means that in addition to having technical prowess, we take the time and effort to make sure that you get what you want. Before any project starts, we provide extensive consultations to ensure that your end result works both practically and aesthetically, and fits within your budget. Since we have the benefit of being local in Evansville, IN, we can get out and start services as soon as possible.
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Vinyl, Aluminum, or Wood Soffits: Which Material Is Right for Your Home?

Vinyl is a common type of plastic that is often noted for its ease of use and cleanliness. Of course, vinyl comes in a variety of styles and colors, and our soffit installation experts will be able to guide you through all of them and help you determine what’s best.

Some benefits of choosing vinyl for your soffit include:
  • Durable against harsh weather conditions
  • Mold resistant
  • Readily available
  • Easy to install
  • High impact resistance
In addition to vinyl, we can also install a variety of other popular soffit materials to give your home a truly unique look. One option is aluminum, which not only provides a beautiful shine, but is also extremely durable, recyclable, non-corrosive, and easy to molded into custom shapes and designs. Wood soffits can also drastically change the look of your home’s exterior, and boost its resale value. Wood does tend to be a bit higher maintenance than aluminum and vinyl, however—be sure to keep an eye out for rot. Of course, our wood soffit installation professionals will be here to assist you in all aspects of upkeep.

Have any questions for our soffit installation experts? We’re available at (812) 499-5892 for any and all questions. Our estimates are always free, and we accept any and all inquiries. We operate in and around the Evansville/Newburgh, IN areas. Of course, if you are unable to reach us for any reason, we will call you back as soon as possible.

  • Keep your vinyl soffits clean by occasionally spraying it down with a mild water and cleaner solution.
  • If you happen to see any corrosion on your aluminum soffit, be sure to scrape it off as soon as possible.
  • Wood may be a bit higher maintenance than the other materials we’ve discussed on this page. Be sure to keep an eye out for rot.
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Count on Us for Fast, Efficient Soffit Replacement Service

Soffits are designed to protect your roof and rafters from wind and weather damage. Unfortunately, however, these structures don’t last forever, and they, too, will eventually need to be replaced. Thankfully, Bill Morgan Roofing Construction is here to provide you with fast, efficient soffit replacement service in your choice of material, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day home life. We will maintain open communication with you throughout the replacement process, and pay careful attention to detail to get the job done right. Feel free to give us a call today with any questions you may have about the soffit replacement process.
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